Attracting and engaging young professionals throughout Sanford and York County by providing networking experiences, mentoring and professional development opportunities.

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Our History


“Synergize Sanford” is an effort to “spark ideas, accelerate business opportunities and provide a platform for our young professionals to network and showcase their talents,” - Mayor, Tom Cote

Our Objectives

In early 2014, in order to stimulate entrepreneurial growth and business acceleration in Sanford, a group began convening a roundtable of key organizational leaders dedicated to entrepreneurial development, professional networking, and social vibrancy.

The group developed a vision to lead their efforts: To create an atmosphere for young professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to succeed.

1.Build a community of peers by providing networking opportunities.

2.Sponsor leadership/educational development opportunities for professionals.

3.Harness resources for new kinds of community and economic development.

4.Provide career building opportunities for professionals.

5.Provide input to the community of the needs of young professionals.

6.Create a healthier-vibrant looking community.

To empower entrepreneurs, young professionals and creative types by sponsoring a series of TED-like talks, networking events, by providing mentoring, training seminars, and by harnessing resources for new kinds of community and economic development.